Catering jobs in London


Catering jobs is an in thing especially in a place like London that caters many in house parties, office lunches, summer parties and so on. For a catering jobs the following qualities are very essential:

· Ability to be able to work very efficiently and to keep calm even under tremendous pressure.

· Have great Stamina and enthusiasm for work.

· Have the ability to work very quickly but in an efficient manner.

· Have the ability to work as a good team.

· Bear communication skills.

· Have high standards of personal hygiene.

There is no specific educational qualification or any job training requirements to become a Caterer. Many Caterers have years of good experience ascooks or food prep workers or chefs. There are also degree and many certificate programs in culinary arts available in many colleges.Most of the restaurants provide catering too and some of the employees done multiple roles. The duties of caterers include preparing the food and serving the food, setting the tables and clearing the tables, staffing bars, attending to customer’s needs and many such needs.One key aspect apart from holding a license is to have a network through which one can get the catering orders.