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Food is the way to one’sheart. Happy is the person who believes it. One of the important factors to live is food and what more when you be a part of a group that provides delicious food to happy customers. Being a chef is in itself a big thing as chefs are the ones who take the burden of providing the best food in any restaurant. Anything good or bad about the particular meal always falls on the Chefs shoulders. For any big occasion, catering services are very useful as they provide all the needed food in one single place. Catering services is the next big thing that is widely rising. Also, along with catering services, one cannot leave talking about the hospitality services. London is known for its tourism and hence good restaurants and hospitality services are expected to be in its place by tourists. Food and hospitality services are always important for any tourism to run successfully.

Chef jobs

A chef is an important aspect of any food chain. The magic in the Chefs hands are transformed into the recipe and is devoured by a customer leaving him or her happy and contended. Apart from knowing the basics of chopping, plating and cooking, a Chef’s job is also to handle positives and negative feedback given to him or her by the customer. They should be able to handle any kind of situation with utmost care. Timely arrival of food, quality of food and also the taste of food should be taken care of by the chef.



Catering Jobs

Catering is a vast business and is always in demand. Good caterers are always sort out for any family occasion, parties and get-togethers. Apart from knowing to cook and serve, Catering job candidates should keep up time. Time management, efficiency and organising are some of the important qualities expected from Caterers. For any event, the caterers are expected to be at the venue at least few minutes before the customers said time. This will help in finding out the venue and some pre-preparations for the event.Catering jobs can be tiring at times, but the joy of being a part of the party and running the show successfully has no match.

Hospitality Jobs

hospHospitality is another key aspect of this industry. Taking care of the customers and knowing their needs is again an art form and requires immense skill psychologically. Usage of words for proper communication is always a must for dealing with normal as well as problematic customers. Hospitality jobs are mostly available in big hotels and motels. The employees are expected to take utmost care of the customer and their needs as not all customers are the same. The requirement of few will be different from others.All these jobs require common aspects and training is very essential to excel in these jobs. Some of the key skills required for such jobs are listed below:

Good management skills – to be a chef or in catering business or in hospitality jobs one has to have good management skills. It could be managing time or people. Both are required in these jobs as chefs need to manage their assistants in the kitchen, for catering jobs the work has to be done as a team and managed well and for hospitality jobs managing a team is again important.

Time management – Time is a key point for all kind of jobs. It is more crucial when it comes to serving food and taking care of peoples need. When in a restaurant, a customer comes for a meal or in a party when guests are ready for their food, time is a key factor. If nothing comes on time then there is a very major problem. For hospitality jobs, managing the customers’ needs, such as room service and so on, required time.

Taking care of Customer needs – The customer’s needs should be the priority for an employee. The meal should be made fresh and as per customer’s requirement and it is the job of the chef. The various types of food ordered through catering services should etch a place in the customers heart. The hospitality services should be just right so that the customer is excited to come back again and again.

Organising capabilities – An employee should have a clear mind and have good organisation skills. These organisation skills will help in long run if the employee is a chef or takes up a  caterer job or goes in a hospitality line. It helps the employee to know where each and every item is and not fumble when reaching out for something.

Good communication skills – A strong grip in language is necessary as it helps in conveying the message loud and clear. To put across one’s thought, good communication skills is very essential.

Proactive nature – Sometimes situations might turn to be different. Not all customers behave in a positive way and some events might turn ugly. The employee, be it a chef, caterer or in a hospitality job, has to tackle the situation in a smooth way.

With all the above qualities, an employee is bound to reach the utmost customer satisfaction. One thing is to be remembered by the employees, there is nobody greater than the customer and the customer is always right. Even if the customer is wrong, the situation should be tackled in a manner not to hurt the customer.

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